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Have you been dealing with crooked teeth for years? At Layton Hills Dental, we provide dental services for patients undergoing orthodontic treatment. Several patients using retainers find they need assistance from a dentist to avoid gum disease and cavities. Retainers are different from braces as they do allow you to remove them and carefully clean your teeth and gums.

When Should You Wear Retainers

It is important to wear retainers at night while you are sleeping. Retainers need to stay in position for a long period of time to actually move the teeth. Several adults continue to wear them for years to maintain a straight smile.  You should focus on wearing retainers at any time when you are not eating. A number of patients are using retainers for smile makeovers as they are easier to use and wear compared to braces for patients that are embarrassed by the look of wires on their teeth. While there are new braces that allow you to straighten your teeth without the need to have brackets cemented to the teeth.

Caring for Retainers

Retainers can cause bad breath issues if you do not clean them effectively. You need to brush the retainer and soak it in mouthwash to kill the bacteria that starts to gather on the retainer. A retainer must be cleaned daily to prevent bad breath. Mouthwash that contains alcohol is the best way to destroy bacteria in your mouth that becomes lodged in between the teeth and in the gumline.

Do not use hot water when you are cleaning a retainer. The hot water can end up warping the mold of the retainer, causing the retainer to shift. You will need to have the retainer adjusted if it does move and will no longer fit properly in your mouth.

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