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7 Ways to Teach Your Kids How to Care For Their Teeth

Do your children struggle to brush their teeth? We can help you teach your kids how to care for their teeth, and why proper oral health care is so important.  Keep in mind that children learn from their parents, so if you are bad about brushing and flossing, your kids...

9 Common Oral Hygiene Mistakes

Often times, we see patients come in with very small cavities, or are in the early stages of gum disease. With the right oral hygiene, patients can avoid the small problems that typically end up becoming major issues in the long run. Listed below are nine common oral...

The True Benefits of Toothpaste

We have all heard our dentist tell us how import toothpaste is, but is it really, truly necessary? Some people out there are creating their own toothpaste, while others are sticking to just water and a brush. Well the truth is, using toothpaste while you brush is one...

How To Care for Retainers

Have you been dealing with crooked teeth for years? At Layton Hills Dental, we provide dental services for patients undergoing orthodontic treatment. Several patients using retainers find they need assistance from a dentist to avoid gum disease and cavities. Retainers...

What Happens When Dental Fillings Fail?

When you have a cavity, it causes a hole in the tooth to occur. We will need to remove the cavity from the tooth but what will they do about the missing section of tooth? It needs to be replaced with something which is commonly known as a dental filling. A filling...


"Great place to have your teeth fixed. Just got a root canal and now I have no pain. Booked another appointment to get my wisdom teeth out. Really recommend this place."

L. Rast

"Dr Neville is awesome. I needed 3 crowns done, and he made sure I was comfortable, and did an amazing job. Can’t recommend him enough to all my family & friends!"

S. Lash

"Dr. Neville is a amazing dentist at a very reasonable cost that has been working with me and my family for years and always there when you need him thank you"

A. Fenner

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