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Do your children struggle to brush their teeth? We can help you teach your kids how to care for their teeth, and why proper oral health care is so important.  Keep in mind that children learn from their parents, so if you are bad about brushing and flossing, your kids will pick up on this behavior. Children also learn how to have problems with dental anxiety if their parents have a fear of visiting the dentist. Here are some ways to help kids learn proper oral care without causing them to be afraid of the dentist.

Teach By Example

A great way to help your kids learn to brush their teeth is to brush your teeth at the same time.  Brush your teeth morning and evening with your children as it is a great way to show them how to care for their teeth and to establish a routine with your kids.

Use a Video

Some children love to watch their favorite characters brushing their teeth. Thanks to online video sources like Youtube.com, you can find several videos of characters like Elmo brushing their teeth. Kids love having something to relate to when they are brushing their teeth, or doing an activity that they do not particularly enjoy.

Story Time

There are wonderful stories about children and teaching them to brush their teeth. Look for a fun story they will relate to when you are brushing their teeth. Another fun way to help kids is to make up your own story that incorporates fun characters into brushing your teeth. Kids can have an entertaining time brushing their teeth when you make plaque into a monster that needs to be attacked by the toothbrush.

Find a Cool Toothbrush

It is a good idea to look for a cool toothbrush that your kids will love. There are some great toothbrushes that look like toys and include spinbrushes. A spinbrush is a great option as it allows your kids to properly clean all the areas of a tooth.  Another addition to bring to the table is the water pick. A water flosser helps kids clean between their teeth without needing to use floss, which is often hard for children to use.

Stay Positive

When teaching your children how to brush their teeth, you need to remain positive. If you don’t end up having the right energy with your kids, they can learn to hate brushing their teeth. Staying positive and encouraging is a great way to help your kids have positive memories with brushing their teeth.

Reward Chart

Another fun way to help your kids learn about the positive benefits of brushing their teeth is to use a reward chart. Each time your children brush their teeth, they will place a sticker on the chart. As they continue to follow these healthy practices, they will be able to earn fun rewards for the stickers they earn on the chart.

Give Them Independence

While you need to help younger children focus on learning to brush their teeth, there comes a point where the kids need to be independent when brushing their teeth. Let your older children brush their teeth on their own to illustrate their independence and to ensure they are doing a great job keeping their teeth clean without your intervention.

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